Summer fun

Hi Charlie here,

We are going to talk about Summer and what you can do in Summer.  I like to swim or go on vacation like every year we go to Florida Beach for one of our family reunions the other one is in Black Butte.  I’d like to go Swimming or do other fun activities.


summer beach

What do you do in the Summer?

Swimming with friends and family

I like swimming especially when I lived in st. Croix.  I don’t now about you but I learned to swim when I was two.  today I went swimming with Joseph’s family and with my family Grace had a play date with me to!  Do you like to swim?  And when did you learn to swim?

Lobster in pool pick

swimming is always fun!!!


Hi!. I’m Squirmy the Squirrel. Let me tell you about me. You have probably seen me at the park or something like that. But I don’t live in Antarctica or Africa. Did you know that I have a few places to hide when predators try to get me? One of my houses is made out of leaves. The other house is made inside a tree and the hole is to small for most of my predators to get in (the only predator that can get in is a Weasel. Some of my predators are Weasels, Snow Leopards, and other Animals like that. Some plants are Ferns, Trees, Grass, Wild flowers and much more. The first stage of my life is a Kitten and then I turn into an adult. I can live 3-7 years old in the wild but if in captivity 10 years. Hey I love Nuts too!



Spring Break


It’s me again! I had a wonderful Spring Break. It didn’t start so well because our car broke down and we had to take it to the shop. It took 2 days to fix so we left for Black Butte a day late. We finally got to Black Butte and it was cold. It even snowed on the way there. At the end of the week it was really nice and warm. It was even 70 degrees and felt like summer!

In Black Butte we swam, rode scooters, played outside, flew a kite, searched for golf balls on the golf course, and did a puzzle. I also read a lot. I read at least 6 books–maybe even more than 6! It was a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break.




Hi, it’s Charlie here,

I have a dog and he is half wolf and half dog.  So is every other dog.  He looks a lot like a wolf.  We got our dog in New York City, He was found in Brooklyn, New York.  Dogs are really special.  do you have a dog?

Wally BBR 3.2015


Hi! It’s Charlie here. Storybird is a fun writing tool. It is also a reading tool.  I bet not everyone knows who Charlotte is but I do! Charlotte is my learning partner! I hope you like our story.

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is not about presents or candy it is about hanging out with each other. cooking Holiday cookies are also very fun too! My family is planing to go to Black Butte with some friends. We are going for 3 days. I am very exited to go it is going to be a very fun Valentine’s Day!


Christmas vacation

I had a wonderful Christmas vacation. After Christmas we went to Black Butte and it was below zero degrees. Black butte was all covered in snow. There was a lots of snow so  we could sled really well.I got to go shopping in Sisters with mommy & nana. I got a stuffed mouse.It was really fun. Nana & pops came too.

A view from our house

A view from our house